How do I know if I should file a claim with my insurance company?
How do you estimate the cost of damages?
I was told that I need to pick out new items for my home. Where can I do this?
What is a deductible?
What about payment for services?

What is water mitigation?
Why should I hire a mitigation company for my water damage?
Why do you remove padding in a water damage loss?
What is padding?
How do you know if everything is dry?

I had fire damage at my home, can’t I just clean the smoke and soot residue myself?
What type of safety concerns should I be worried about with my fire damage?
What is a board up?
What happens with all of personal belongings and furniture?
The estimator that came out mentioned an ozone machine. What is that and how does that work?

What is mold?
How long before mold starts to grow?
What can cause mold growth?
Why do I need a mold remediation company? Why can’t I just clean it up myself?
What is an indoor environmental professional or industrial hygienist?