Wexford – Full Overlay

///Wexford – Full Overlay

Wexford – Full Overlay


You may view your available color options from the palette under the tab marked “Finish Color”. Then select the room your cabinets go in and your finish color from the drop down menus below. Once you have made a choice, press Add to Order.

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Color Options


Additional Information

Room - Cabinets

Other Room, All Rooms, Laundry, Bathroom, Kitchen

Finish Color

Standard – Amaretto, Standard – Ash, Standard – Bisque, Standard – Cabernet, Standard – Charcoal, Standard – Espresso, Standard – Ivory, Standard – Light, Standard – Mocha, Standard – Natural, Standard – Toast, Standard – Walnut, Glaze – Amaretto Harvest (Upgrade), Glaze – Amaretto Sable (Upgrade), Glaze – Bisque Harvest (Upgrade), Glaze – Ivory Harvest (Upgrade), Glaze – Ash Harvest (Upgrade), Glaze – Cabernet Harvest (Upgrade), Glaze – Cabernet Sable (Upgrade), Glaze – Charcoal Harvest (Upgrade), Glaze – Charcoal Sable (Upgrade), Glaze – Light Harvest (Upgrade), Glaze – Light Sable (Upgrade), Glaze – Mocha Harvest (Upgrade), Glaze – Mocha Sable (Upgrade), Glaze – Natural Harvest (Upgrade), Glaze – Natural Sable (Upgrade), Glaze – Toast Harvest (Upgrade), Glaze – Toast Sable (Upgrade), Glaze – Walnut Sable (Upgrade), Match To Existing, Other


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