Carpet – Frieze

Carpet – Frieze


You may view your available style/color options from the palette under the tab marked “Available Colors”. Then select the room your carpet will go in from the drop down menus below. If you do not see the room or style you prefer, simply select other and fill in the appropriate text field with your preference.

Once you have made a choice, press Add to Order.

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Room - Carpet

All Affected Areas, Master Bedroom, Bedroom 2, Bedroom 3, Living Room, Family Room, Dining Room, Hallway, Other

Style - Carpet

Treat Me T 00100 Sugar Cube, Treat Me T 00120 Oatmeal, Treat Me T 00150 Shitake, Treat Me T 00151 Oyster, Treat Me T 00250 Burlap, Treat Me T 00300 Winter Mint, Treat Me T 00500 Clear Water, Treat Me T 00501 Dolphin, Treat Me T 00520 Brushed Nickel, Treat Me T 00521 Silver Spoon, Treat Me T 00720 Toffee, Treat Me T 00750 Buffalo, Treat Me B 00130 Sunlit Granite, Treat Me B 00530 Aged Wood, Treat Me B 00531 Gray Flannel, Treat Me B 00730 Acorn, Find Your Floor (S) 00110 Snowdrop, Find Your Floor (S) 00111 Seashell, Find Your Floor (S) 00112 Irish Linen, Find Your Floor (S) 00116 Mushroom, Find Your Floor (S) 00120 Burlap, Find Your Floor (S) 00413 Denim, Find Your Floor (S) 00312 Woodland Moss, Find Your Floor (S) 00511 Silver Charm, Find Your Floor (S) 00710 Stucco, Find Your Floor (T) 00100 Alabaster, Find Your Floor (T) 00104 Cupcake, Find Your Floor (T) 00105 Birch Bark, Find Your Floor (T) 00200 Wild Honey, Find Your Floor (T) 00704 Wagon Wheel, Power Buy 100 00100 Apple Core, Power Buy 100 00111 Gentle Breeze, Power Buy 100 00701 Park Trail, Power Buy 100 00710 Tea Silk, Power Buy 100 00711 Camel Hair, Power Buy 100 00712 Chestnut, Other, Match to Existing


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